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        Big names right now are Beyonce Knowles and Carmelo Anthony. They are at the top of their game. Carmelo is on the New York Nick’s basketball team. He has a basketball shoe called Jordan Melo M9, shoe that is very appealing to the eye. Carmelo has celbrity rivals such as Shaq.         

        Shaq has it all; he a single man after a very public divorce. Shaq retires from the NBA and recently he is advertising to fans that potentially he will be rereleasing his very popular and stylish Classic Reebok basketball shoe                    Beyonce is at the tops with the astounding “Sasha Fierce Tour”. These two are the best when it comes to be celebrities, Carmelo Anthony was on television, him and his wife LaLa Vasquez did a reality show about their lives while they were preparing for their wedding (it was pretty extravagant). I liked it because they have various artist on the show they were invited to the wedding and we got to see some of their personal likes. Beyonce latest album “Sasha Fierce” has received great reviews. It is an excellent example of her superb talent. She has yet again shown herself to be both a beautiful spokes person, and diversity when it comes to being able to produce an extremely different sound and look, and working with other talented artist (Her music videos for the album were all great!).          These two Icons have an incredible advantage on the newcomers to the game. They are both in marriages with celebrities and are affiliated with similar social circles (the entertainment industry). I think that this year will bring good favor for them and, hope to see them have a fantastic summer filled with things we as the viewers will enjoy.

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