Disturbing The Peace (DTP) a company owned by Rapper and Actor Ludacris.  DTP is considered to be a major record label amongst music lovers. Various projects have been produced that make fans want to know what else is in store.

       Shawanna is the First Lady of Disturbing the Peace (DTP) music company. She has been made numerous collaborations along side Ludacris. In recent headlines, is the product Conjure Cognac, a beverage that could be enjoyed in various social events and, appears to be perfect for parties such a  the BET Television network’s Rip The Runway (A televised hip-hop party that many enjoy because it is filled with exciting wardrobes and musical artist). Recently, Ludacris and the Disturbing the Peace label introduced us to a new product in which they are associated with.          

     Conjure is now being advertised has made an all-star beverage commercial that accompanies D Woods. D Woods is now again staring in music headlines with her hit single, 2 The Bottom. This makes for an exciting time for the fans and, creates news worthy exclusive (This exclusive is featured on D Woods website        


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