D. Woods and Aubrey O'Day (it's a little bit of somthing to do when you get some time)

I was just thinking about Diddy and his group Day26, We haven’t seen much from them lately. I still hear about Que and Dawn though from time to time she’s busy and, their supposed to still have a ongoing relationship. That season with both of Diddy’s groups (Day26 and Danity Kane) was big, I think I was so on TV then, I watched everyone of those episodes every time they aired that week’s episode. Yeah well I still like the group Dirty Money. They are on top of their game to me. There was a reality show that stared Aubrey O’Day, you know one of the singers of the former group Danity Kane.



 And after all that check out D. Woods (http://missdwoods.com/)

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