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Beyonce is very popular artist in America. She has finished countless musical projects that have included countless musical stars. She has made music with Brandy, who has made music with Kanye West. She made music with Kanye West. Beyonce has made music with T.I. and his wife Tiny (Tameka Cottle). Her continuing esteemed positions in her history of music creations, make her remembered among the most astonishing and amazing women of her era. The single “Diva” on Beyonce’s I am... Sasha Fierce, was a great example of creativity. She again defined the much referred to among women title, Diva. What it means to be one and how it fits in well next to musical talents like Brandy, Mary J. Blige and Toni Braxton.  

Beyonce is looking great after the release of her album “4” she has continued staring in television commercials and topping musical charts. The first single “ Run the World (Girls)” was a huge success, the music video aired on numerous television channels.

Her latest album is phenomenal, her audience patiently awaited it’s release. The song “The Best Thing I Never Had” was a marvel. The live performances of her songs have been watched all over the world. The Oprah television special when Beyonce performed “ Run The World” was widely spoken about.      

Her audience really, really wanted to know what she was going to do because they were still fascinated with her Survivor album she released with group Destiny’s Child. One on Beyonce’s previous albums, B’day featured the song “Get Me Bodied” featured group members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Kelly Rowland released her debut album Simply Deep in 2002. The “Dangerously in Love” album Beyonce released in 2003 possessed the very popular single “Baby Boy” that features Sean Paul.

The group Destiny’s Child is commonly to referred to when speaking about Beyonce’s musical career. She was in many music videos including female rapper Amil. Often favored for her beauty and talents that continues to get better and make music such a topical discussion. Beyonce has shown us time and time again she can perform amongst the greatest R&B artist of our time. She has made mention on numerous instances to Diana Ross and the Supremes. They are spoken about in many interviews when she also mentions musical legends Tina Turner and Patti Labelle.

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