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Stop by some of the biggest things going on out there. There is a lot going on with R&B and Hip-hop http://theboxhouston.com/ , is the place to get a lot of what is new. Beyonce has released her album 4, http://www.beyonceonline.com/us/u%20s/home ."Me, myself, I" check out along with this radio station is BET. They keep us informed on all the need to know, and newly released.

What's up check out something that is really hot right now, a sure fire winner and highly anticipated. This artist is someone we hope will be giving us these big collaborations for a long time now. I think that ever since the beginning we all new she brings not only the most trendiest, but she knows so, so much about music that we just always want more and more. I am happy with everything I have heard from her thus far and really and want to myself know what it is she will bless us with. The place to stop by to know what is happening with Lil Wayne http://lilwayne-online.com/Default.aspx#!all

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