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Music and Television super-star Brandy Norwood was casted as Moesha in the hit series "Moesha." She is remembered for her superb appearance as Cinderella in the major motion picture “Cinderella” in which she stars alongside music’s Legendry Diva, Whitney Houston.

Brandy is an artist whom is often featured in Houston’s radio station on 979 The Box. Brandy is often quoted to be in agreement when comes to Legendary Diva Whitney Houston, believing she is a person of inspiration and talent.

After landing numerous acting rolls Brandy was casted in BET television series The Game.

Television Interview with Brandy:


The offical site:




Foxy Brown is stepping back out for her fans to see, making recent appearances.
“Peep what’s on the arm, when it’s ice it’s ice—When I’m right, I’m right, when your wrong, your wrong”
Inga DeCarlo Fung Merchand, to us known as Foxy Brown last album was “Brooklyn’s Don Diva”. She was hot even then, for her lady like appeal. In what was a hot year for hip-hop, Rasheeda, Trina, Eve and Foxy were in the limelight and being reminded that they were still in high demand. Her previous albums: Ill Na Na, Chyna Doll, and Broken Silence, where Foxy had hip-hop business relationships with artist like Nas and Jay Z.
We haven’t gotten a crystal clear picture of what she will be doing for us next, hopefully she does another album, I know many would agree. Fans remember her appearance on “Monique”, a Bet talk show hosted by Monique. Maybe she would do an appearance for her fans on the Wendy Williams show. Foxy is still remembered for being the Lil Kim battle rap comparison, for a long time many wanted to know what was going to come of that long time relationship and if there is ever going to be another mixtape.


Fox-Boogie, We are Trying to Know who is Going to be on the Red Carpet!

Haggin with Foxy Brown and you sure to meet the "somebodies" I rep the Fox hard, she so fly, stick around and find out who we know she knows--


Taj, Everybody-


Take a listen, this is a particualr selection-




"the place to stop bye 4rm time to time"



 "Ball" T.I. and Weezy



Colab that includes Webbie and Trina




 Case, Mary J. Blige and Foxy Brown




Two women women we wanna keep lased' with the latest from Rocca Wear Amil and Beyonce


 2Tha Bottom (She is a former member of Danity Kane and is trendy and stylish) D Woods




There is not enough said about her style and approach to making hit after hit on the music charts.

This is a person who is tight. She is deep, real and refreshing. I myself even want too hear more from her. I hope to get some new stuff mixed with some of her old stuff. Just keep getting more and more of this vibe more of her song.!all

She is here again give us the music in the song “Love A Woman”, that includes “our girl” Beyonce.



The Industry and Monica

The Singer is going be holding our attention we are going to be looking at some of her creations and getting the exclusives on the music.

She gives it to us again with our “First Lady” Trina in the song “Forever Always.”






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