What topics are big too us now...

      We are talking Wendy Williams' FRIEND TO THE SHOW who recently was Mrs. Toni Braxton. 


      Big Bank Black, "Try it out, get wit my Pimpin..."

We still holdin up for the SWV Party, come by we posted next to our girl Trina. We bumpin the cutz'



We just finished "....you blow my mind... with the things you done for
......" ---I'M SO INTO YOU.

Next we gonna be spinnin' the jam, our song from back in the day now were playing the song, Downtown by the group, SWV


      Mrs. Williams of Destiny's Child was looking good at the Super Bowl, she stunted' onnnuumm, she stuntted' on 'em girls.


Petty Pablo--- is up Rasheeda ,Georgia's on this Track,

      Holla Back Mrs. Williams of Destiny's Child


Always on my mind , Is next from our Fav. SWV

"..your alwways on my mind....I thinkin' of you"


We were soo, so blessed to be graced by her appearance on the Monica, Still Standing Telecast, Keke Wyatt. Her and Avant "My First Love" are now playing @ the SWV Party

      East Coast, to the north of Dade-Miami is The Ruff Ryder Crew they hail from the area the Lady Lil. Kim lives in.

The "Anthem", after we are goning to playing Trina, of SlipnSlide "My Attitude."



     DTP is big now~ heading off the allstar Written Entertainment that is lead by R&B Princess Ashanti. Shawanna who is our & First Lady of Disturbing The Peace (DTP). Ludacris has made an allstar beverage commercial that accompanies D Woods. D Woods is now again staring in music headlines with her hit single, 2 The Bottom. This make for an exciting time for the fans and, creates a news worthy. DTP is now is back up there with "Bad Boy", is owned by music legend Sean Diddy Combs. I want to get us again on the Wendy Williams show. The products alone put the Hip-Hop and R&B world back on top. I want Toni and Tamar Braxton to hear about them.

     Tamia and Toni Braxton. I like her (Tamia) song with our boy Fabolous. While we are doing songs I want to mention the song with lyrics "--baby, baby. I could touch the sky --you make my tempature rise-." That is sung by Toni Braxton.
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